Une émouvante chapelle de marins, Chapelles Barre y Va
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Legend has it that one day in 1216, during a particularly severe storm, fishermen turned to the Virgin: when the calm returned after their prayer, they came ashore and found a statue of Mary, which they hurried to protect in a chapel built for her.

This is how the chapel of Barre-y-Va was founded? What is certain is that Caudebec has long been the tragic scene of a deadly phenomenon, especially for sailors: the tidal bore, an unpredictable wave coming up from the sea during high tides. The chapel overlooking the meander of the river is dedicated to those lost at sea and to protecting those alive. The chapel itself and its small oratory, called the "blue chapel" because of its stained glass window, are moving and should be visited to get to know the fate of the sailors in the past and the persistence of votive offerings.

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